How Acupuncture Works



Acupuncture works by increasing the body's natural healing response through the stimulation of acupressure points throughout the body. It stimulates the body’s ability to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions by correcting imbalances. Acupuncture also prompts the body to produce chemicals that decrease or eliminate painful sensations.

There are acupuncture points all along the body’s major meridians (energy-carrying channels). Chinese doctors used the term “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) to describe the energy that flows through the meridians. The belief is that illnesses and ailments are caused by a disruption of Qi, which leads to an imbalance of energy. Acupuncture can correct this energy disruption and restore the balance which helps the body heal itself naturally.


What Does Acupuncture Do?

• Stimulates and regulates your body's circulatory system
• Reduces pain, inflammation and enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself
• Supports the strength and functioning of your nervous system
• Restores hormonal balance and strengthens the digestive system
• Reduces the stress response in your body
• Treats the root cause not just the symptoms!

Example: Using Acupuncture To Treat Pain Ailments

• The stimulated muscle and sensory neurons send a message to the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord)
• This causes the release of endorphins (naturally produced pain killers) and other neurotransmitters (body chemicals that modify nerve impulses)
• This in turn, helps block the message of pain from being delivered to the brain (and has other regulatory effects as well)

Some acupuncturists consider the meridians to represent myofascial chains, which helps explain why stimulating an acupuncture point in the lower leg can affect the back or other areas. Interestingly, research shows that acupuncture points have a lower electrical resistivity than surrounding areas. In a practical sense, the meridian system provides a navigable energetic map of the body for acupuncturists to locate and treat many conditions.


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