Acupuncture Services

General Acupuncture, Fertility and Weight Loss

  • 1st Visit $140
  • Follow Up Visit $100
  • Fertility Acupuncture $150
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture- Please call for consultation and pricing

Acupuncture Packages

General Acupuncture

5 Pack - $450

10 Pack - $900



Why Choose Us?


   Insurance Accepted

   High Quality of Care

   High Expertise

   General + Specialty Acupuncture

   Herbal Supplements



Average Cost Per Visit

  • Family Wellness Acupuncture offers a far greater quality of care for the cost than most local acupuncturists do

  • Based on pricing research done in 2023 for over 100 Acupuncturists in the Orange County Market, our rates are in the average market price range for acupuncture in southern CA

  • Community Acupuncture is cheap for a reason... fast, "one treatment fits all" care, no privacy, no help for your specific needs, and no specialized treatment for you.

Insurance Accepted

  • FWA bills to your insurance whenever possible
  • Not all acupuncture clinics will take insurance and for a variety of reasons
  • Most community acupuncture clinics are cash only
  • Please check with your insurance provider prior to making an appointment to make sure acupuncture is covered and that we are in your plan’s provider network

Quality Of Care

  • FWA acupuncturists put years of expertise to work for you to devise a treatment plan that focuses on treating the problem, not the symptom to help you get better
  • Treatment care varies WILDLY amongst Acupuncture clinics with many focused on quick fixes rather than well being
  • Community Clinics focus on patient quantity over care quality, short treatment sessions, and little to no variation in treatment plans between patients


  • FWA has private treatment rooms that provide a calm and relaxing environment to promote well being
  • Most Acupuncture clinics do have private treatment rooms, but a growing number of them are moving to a community model with multiple patients in the same room
  • Community acupuncture clinics are shared rooms averaging 6-12 patients and are designed to see as many patients as possible per hour with lots of noise, no privacy, and disruptions


  • FWA acupuncturists acquire certifications and perform countless hours of training to hone their skills and treatment methodologies in order to provide you with the best care possible
  • Typical acupuncture clinics might have exceptional practitioners, but most are average and only do enough study to maintain their licenses
  • Being a volume heavy business model, most community acupuncturists focus on speed and providing the bare minimum at the lowest cost

General Acupuncture

  • FWA provides general acupuncture to help you with most problems and we also have specialists that have expertise in treating particular issues
  • Typical acupuncture clinics provide general acupuncture services while stating they "can help you with that" (no matter what the issue is) even when you should see a practitioner who specializes in treating your issue
  • Community acupuncture clinics thrive on general acupuncture treatments in an "everyone gets the same" approach

Specialty Acupuncture

  • FWA offers several specialties such as cosmetic acupuncture, fertility acupuncture and more. If we don't specialize in it and are not best suited to help you, we'll try to help you find someone who does
  • Typical acupuncture clinics may or may not offer specialties or will tell you they do, just to get you in the door
  • Most community clinics only do general acupuncture and do not deviate from the "everyone gets the same" approach. Even when they claim to, the specialty treatment plan most often uses the same approach as general acupuncture

Herbal Supplements

  • FWA has a range of herbal supplements available for use with your acupuncture treatment and or to purchase at market rates
  • Most acupuncture clinics offer herbal supplements but may markup the price when reselling to you as a way to increase profits at your expense
  • Some community clinics offer herbal supplements but may heavily markup the price when reselling to you as way to increase profits at your expense


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