Why You Should Consider Our Acupuncture for Weight Loss Program

Why You Should Consider Our Acupuncture for Weight Loss Program

The statistics surrounding weight loss in the United States are bleak — a report of 29 studies found that nearly half of people who lost weight gained it back within two years and 80% within five years. There are many reasons why people struggle to lose weight, and we feel that our Acupuncture for Weight Loss program addresses most of them.

At Family Wellness Acupuncture, our team of licensed acupuncturists has an in-depth understanding of the different forces that conspire against weight loss, which can be physical, mental, and emotional. Through our Acupuncture for Weight Loss program, we tackle all of these areas for your best chances of success.

The struggle to lose weight

There’s no single answer when it comes to why weight loss can be so frustrating, but there is a wide range of factors.

For example, if your diet is full of foods that trigger the reward centers in your brain (think sweets and salty snacks), your brain rewires itself for this reward and demands more. As a result, your ability to resist certain foods that are decidedly not good for your weight diminishes.

Another example is stress or emotional eating, which has only skyrocketed recently thanks to the anxiety of the global pandemic and at-home sheltering. There’s a reason why we refer to some foods as “comfort” food since they alleviate or distract from high levels of stress or anxiety,

A further culprit is the fact that the American diet is long on calories, but short on nutrition. In other words, we’re filling ourselves up with empty calories that provide nothing in the way of health benefits, but everything in the way of fat.

Rounding out our list of factors is the role that hormones play in your weight. Whether your hunger hormones are too strong or your reproductive hormones have dropped and led to weight gain, your metabolic system can greatly influence your weight and ability to lose weight.

Of course, there are more hurdles to losing weight, but these give you an idea of what you may be up against.

Tackling weight loss from all angles

Through our Acupuncture for Weight Loss program, we approach your weight loss from every angle possible. For example, through acupuncture, we can:

Although acupuncture plays a key role in our weight loss program, we also offer detoxification through cupping, herbs to strengthen your body, and weight loss products and supplements that can help boost your efforts.

Putting the right combination of these tools together is also critical, which is why we start with a full assessment of your health and goals before we get started. Once we understand what you’d like to achieve and the hurdles you’re up against, we tailor our weight loss program to your unique needs and circumstances.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way through our Acupuncture for Weight Loss program, contact our office in Irvine, California, to set up an appointment.

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