What to Expect During an Acupuncture Treatment

What to Expect During an Acupuncture Treatment

Perhaps you’ve read an interesting article about acupuncture, or you’ve heard from some close friends about how the ancient healing practice has helped them. Whatever the case, you want to see for yourself whether acupuncture can improve your health and wellness.

Up to 1.5% of the population (nearly five million people) in the United States has turned to acupuncture, and this number is growing thanks to its great track record.

Here at Family Wellness Acupuncture, our team of certified acupuncturists welcomes new patients, and we’re excited to show you the invaluable role that acupuncture can play in your life. From reducing stress to relieving pain, acupuncture can improve your quality of life in numerous ways.

Since acupuncture is new to you, we want to go over what you can expect during your first treatment with us.

Understanding your needs

The odds are good that you’re coming to see us for a specific reason, and we spend some time during your initial visit to discuss your symptoms, your medical history, and your goals.

At the heart of acupuncture is the belief that everything in the human body is connected by a network of meridians through which your qi, or energy, flows. Along these meridians are specific pressure or acupoints that correspond to different areas of your health.

Our point here is that we need to thoroughly understand your symptoms and your goals so that we know which pressure points to activate to encourage better qi flow.

Getting started

Once we have an idea about how we can improve your health and wellness, we get started.

First, we make you comfortable on a treatment table or in a chair, depending upon the acupuncture points we want to access. Once you’re comfortable, we insert extremely thin needles into the acupoints. 

We want to make two points about the needles for any newcomers to this treatment. First, we thoroughly sterilize them. Second, they really are quite thin, and most of our patients don’t even feel them as we quickly insert them.

After we insert the needles, you simply lie or sit still for 10-20 minutes before we pull them out. This time is meant to be relaxing, and we ensure that the atmosphere is both soothing and healing. In fact, many of our patients enter into a state of deep relaxation during their acupuncture appointments, and we need to “wake” them when it’s over.

Your results

Whatever your health or wellness goal, it typically takes a series of acupuncture treatments to achieve best results. As you progress, your flow of qi is gradually restored, and healing and regenerative resources are flowing to where you need them most.

If you have more questions about what to expect during your first acupuncture appointment or you’d like to schedule one today, please contact our Irvine, California, office.

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